Linnea Hamrefors

I started my work for the part of the DIVE lab located at Karolinska Institutet (KIND) in early 2017, as the project coordinator for BabyTwins. BabyTwins is a twin study that researches 5 months old infant twins, focusing on the behavioral genetics of early development. The study was completed in 2020 with 622 participants taking part and as of then, I have been continuing to work as a project coordinator in the sibling study EASE. I continue to have a foot in BabyTwins, working with data structuring and analyses.


I graduated from Stockholm University in 2017, with a BSc degree in psychology specializing on neurobiology and perception. I have a great interest in the neurobiology of behavior, perception and development as well as the technology used in measuring it (mainly EEG, brain imaging and eye tracking).